Fall into what I call home

Fall into what I call home

Feeling at once the solitude
Around familiar faces
You grab my hand and hold it
But I’d rather be where I can’t breath
Watch the seaweed pulses
Just for me




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~On Ralphie~
Hair- #Foxy – Sugar. (Hentai Fair)
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Jeans- Legal Insanity – Sam rolled dirty jeans (Store)
Tattoo- CURELESS[+] Hyaku Monogatari (Store)

~Decor Items & Furniture~

~Plastik Decor~
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Milla Armoire [T-Open]:// Pure
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~Disorderly/Cureless/MoonAmore Decor~
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~Apple Fall decor~
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Apple Fall Cottage Chair – Wood
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dust bunny . lighted jar
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~Other Decor~

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 Impassioned Vanity – Roses
Impassioned Vanity – Seat w/ Animations

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Toronto-Vanity table
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 Apt B
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Simple Comforts Paper Bag
Zebra hide Rug


*Side Note: You may have noticed a slight difference to this post… Welcome to the very 1st full on Collaboration between Ralphie & I please feel free to go check out his Post! *



Status Update

Status Update



This song is for you and that’s no lie
You can’t imagine how hard I really try
To satisfy you every day
Don’t let you do what’s coming at me
You’re doing it like a killer bee
Hey, hey, it’s alright
We have to stop while we’re feelin’ fine
Ho, ho, you take my hand
Come with me, let’s go for a ride
Follow me to the brighter side
Pretty girl just look around
That everybody is jumping around to the 89ers sound
Hey, hey, what’s that noise?
Rushin’ into ears of the girls and the boys
Oh, oh, enjoy the show


~On Body~

Head~ CATWA Head Catya
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Backdrop~ OLQINU : mysterious backdrop <messed up>
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Just a lonely soul

Just a lonely soul


Why am I lonely?
Why am I lonely when you’re here?
Right there beside me
Touching and holding but I don’t feel anything that’s real inside myself
Baby, death is at the door
Push and shove, come on, give me something
What are we here for?
Who can save us?
Who can save us?
Who, jumpstart this heart of ours before it’s torn apart
Who can save us?
Finally found you
Finally found what I thought I wanted
Was it about you?
Or was I hiding from a fear of never knowing love would come to me
Baby, just a lonely soul
Running out of rose-colored glasses
Should I just let go?


~Decor & Furniture~

~Apple Fall Decor~
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Ceramic Bottles
Masculine Bar
Handbag & Scarf
Photographers’ Easel
Roses Box (Red)
Tournament Billiards Table (Adult)
Magazine Files
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Charlotte’s Pears
Boston Print No.1
Leather Moccasins
LTD Digital Gramophone (Copper)


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Phalaenopsis in Granite Planter
Monstera in Granite Planter
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The sofa comes in Straight PG and Adult, Gay PG and Adult, and Lesbian PG and Adult as usual, and all versions have sits and props for gender fluid, feminine and masculine avatars.

The Chair is Part of the set that is at the Mancave Event

The armchair comes in PG and Adult versions, and includes Sit animations for the gender fluid as well as masculine and feminine avatars. The PG version also has a sweet set of couple cuddles, and the adult version also has a set of adult animations with variable speed. The set also includes a flower table, art and a banana plant with texture change.

~Other Decor~

Lemon Basket~ Bazar Toronto-Lemon basket
(part of the Toronto Dining Set)
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SkyBox~ Scarlet Creative Saturday Morning Simple Skybox
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The Matrix has you…

The Matrix has you...


“This is your last chance.
After this, there is no turning back.
You take the blue pill – the story ends,
you wake up in your bed
and believe whatever you want to believe.
You take the red pill –
you stay in Wonderland
and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes.”
Morpheus from the Matrix


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Glasses~ Plastik – Morphe Glasses [Reality Excl.] Store
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Nobody’s real but they’ll feel it

nobody's real but they'll feel it


Scary monsters and super peeps
the more you dream the less you sleep
life as you know it has gone away
unbound, unwound, who’s here to stay
Could you predict, could you foresee artificial by necessity
rockets and robots can save your life when you don’t care about what’s real it’s alright
nobody’s real but they’re willing to let you know
nobody’s real but they’ll feel it tonight
nobody’s real but they’re willing to let you go
nobody’s real but they’ll feel it
nobody’s real


~On Body~

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Tonight I break away

Tonight I break away



Tonight, my head is spinning
I need something to pick me up
I’ve tried but nothing is working
I won’t stop
I won’t say I’ve had enough
Tonight, I start the fire
Tonight, I break away
Break away from everybody
Break away from everything
If you can’t stand the way
This place is
Take yourself to higher places
At night I feel like a vampire
It’s not right
I just can’t give it up
I’ll try to get myself higher
Let’s go
We’re going to light it up
Tonight we start the fire
Tonight we break away



~On Body~

Horns~ Plastik – Chryso Horns [Techno] Store
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~ Not On Body~

Pose~Bauhaus Movement – Ass Kicker Store

Mirror~ Plastik – Cathere Mirror:// Fades Store



To watch me bleed

To watch me bleed


He fills my fantasies
Visions of ecstasy
No coming back to me
Keeps me on the short leash
Had me guts and bones achin’ I know
Together we fall apart
And nothing can live, nothing can thrive
When you keep me in the dark
And you act so damn cold
Why don’t you know
That you’re the one with all the control
You’ve cut me now prepare
To watch me bleed


~On Body~

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