Let’s try declaring “eternity” as non-existent.

Let's try declaring eternity as non-existent..jpg


If “eternity” were declared as non-existent,
Wouldn’t it be just too lonesome, and painful to bear?
Everyone wants to believe it,
But can’t take the risk of the deep wounds of betrayal.
If only we could come to realize
We have to keep on believing
That a world where “eternity” applies, isn’t merely a dream;
And that that’s the kind of world we should wish for…
What will we have?…

Believe that time is always forever
and I’ll always be here
Believe it till the end
I won’t go away and won’t say never
It doesn’t have to be friend
You can keep it till the end


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Give me a reason

Give me a reason

Give me a reason to end this discussion,
To break with tradition, to fall and divide.
Because I hate the ocean, theme parks and airplanes,
Talking with strangers, waiting in line..
I’m through with these pills that make me sit still.
“Are you feeling fine?”
Yes, I’m feeling fine.


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End of the Summer

end of summer


Mistakes I made when I was younger
And it’s too late to discover
Love at the end of the summer
At the end of the summer
And there are times that I wonder
Is it too late to discover?
Love at the end of the summer
At the end of the summer


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I wish one more time

I wish one more time

I reach out my hand higher and higher
Saying “Surely, surely…”, I wish one more time
These endless thoughts are swallowed up by normal days
They flickered and changed their shape again
Nevertheless I search for a reason to live in this world
When I realize I’m lost or halted I cry
Is it already too late now? I wonder to myself without an answer
Everything depends upon me, even the beginning and the end
I reach out my hand higher and higher
And fly out towards the kind light
Embracing the passion that has turned on in my heart
Saying “Surely, surely…”, I wish one more time



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When the cats come out, the bats come out to play

Good Morning


I got a little secret for ya
I never sleep when comes the night
But everytime I snap my fingers
I switch back into the light
My moon belongs to your sun
Your fire is burning my mind
Is it love or is it lust?
Something that I just can’t describe
Am I the one and only?
Cause you’re the only one
It felt so long and lonely
Waiting for you to come
It’s looking bright and early
I’m willing to close my eyes
This is the unusual story


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Face like an Angel, Mind of a Killer

Face like an angel, mind of a killer


Black heart’s comin’, he’s a cold machine
Cuts like a knife, gentle and clean
Face like an angel, mind of a killer
Nobody else gonna love her better

Lay down now stay down
Took her life with a quick pull trigger


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I do love red the most

I do love red the most


Oh, Little Sebas-chan, I do love red the most. Hair, clothes, lipstick, I love them to be red. That’s why I love using fresh blood to do make-up for those ugly women. The more flamboyant a woman is, the more she’s as beautiful as a poisonous flower, right?
~Grell Sutcliff (Black Butler)~



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