Hello, The name is Amiec (yes i know weird name) but this blog is for a Online Game called Second Life. Yes i know it sounds weird but people do it.

A Caffeine dependent life-form

A human. Being. But. Pixelated.

A man of mystery and power, whose power is exceeded only by his mystery

Absolutely awkward, proudest of nerd & geek, decreaser of world sucking

Aggressively infancy and stuff

All you hipsters need to stop wearing Nirvana shirts if you don’t even listen to them.

Analogue at birth, digital by design

Everyone knows my Twitter, except me I forgot about it.

Are you a banker because I’d like you to leave me a loan

Bald. Often Unreliable. Easily distracte

Born at a very young age

Buddy, can you paradigm?

Buoyant, waggish, efficacious, indefatigable, demiurgic, convivial marketing companion, self-made thousandaire

Camping is intents