Hey boy, what you looking for?

Hey boy, what you looking for


On the floor baby

Hey boy, what you up for now?

I now why you’re here and how

Let’s get down, down to the ground

Vibe and the beat, baby got that sound

Hey boy, what you looking for?

Someone with the drooling door

Give it to me, can’t you see

We’re kissing in the name of destiny

We gonna dance until you’re ready to fly

My good vibrations gonna get you so high

I can see what you’re thinking babe

I can see what’s behind those eyes

The way you touch, the way you look

Hair~ ~Tableau Vivant~ Mystic hair

Mask~ ::Axix:: Laverne Mask [Onix] MP

Makeup~ :Conviction: Albino Eyes Makeup MP

Choker~ .random.Matter. X Beusy – xchoker [B/S] (gacha item)

Earrings~ .random.Matter. – Yesung Earrings – Long

Neck and chest tattoo~ Zibska SineV MP

Nails~ [CX] Biomech Claws (limited Group gift)

Bracelet~ RealEvil Aeternum Bracelet MP

Half Jacket~ Gild Half top Jacket

Pants~ =Zenith= leather legging with belt

Cello~ Bauhaus Movement – Apocalyptica Cello

Backdrop~ anxiety %devoted (backdrop.neon)


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