Here I am, a rabbit-hearted

The looking glass so shiny and new
How quickly the glamour fades
I start spinning slipping out of time
Was that the wrong pill to take (Raise it up)
You made a deal and now it seems you have to offer up
But will it ever be enough



Hat~ .Shi x  Messiah Gift : Fedora (group gift) IW

Hair~ pr!tty – May – {Heavy Roots} (TC4 Gift)

Face Tat~ -SU!- Anneke Eyeshadow “Ink” MP 

Eyes & Tears~ CURELESS [+] Dragon Eyes & Dragon Tears

Eyeliner~ Zibska [L’Homme Gift] Efina Uomo Liners IW

Lip-stain~ .:Soul:. LipStains (pink) (Group Gift) IW

Lip Piercing ~ ::GB:: Lip piercing Black spine 6 & Black Omega 9 (Gacha’s) @Shiny Shabby

Nose Band~ .::Cubic Cherry::. noseband star Onyx 06 (Gacha) IW

Shirt & Cardigan~ Breath:::PI cardigan IW




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