Wreck Havoc

I dine with the blood on my hands
Thrive when I’m beatin’ the man
All I learned in the pen
Is never get caught
Just get out and hit it again
Straight outta context
Ain’t see me come like it’s phone sex
Ain’t hear me tick like a Rolex
Cause I’m keepin’ a nuclear conscience
I fly like an atom bomb
In a world riddled with conflict
Hate that you need me
Wanna destroy me but you can’t
You’re gonna deploy me in the end
Better believe that I’ma be me ’til the death of me, oh yeah



Mural~ E.V.E:: RISE Cloud Grass (original)

Bomb~ E.V.E:: Broken Chains “The Bomb”

Sugarflies~E.V.E:: Sugarflies {Red}& {White with Violette/Tile lights}

Statues~E.V.E:: Broken Souls {Black} Kira

Grass~E.V.E:: DYSTOPIA Stage Grass M01 Smoke




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