Music is my voice……


Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.



Body Head And hands: [The Shops!]TheMeshProject Beta Deluxe (Moody Mesh Head)
Skin for face and body:[Clef De Peau] Lucas T3
Face Tat: [Line II] Mandala TMP Face Tattoo with Facial Hair (tatted and cut)
Eyebrows: [Line II] Loyalty Tattoo
Tattoo: [Speakeasy] Navak Tattoo (vip Gift)
Vest & Shirt: [Razor /// ] Trekka (M)
Pants:[Hooligan Ink] Jeans 477 (M)
Hair:[Action Inkubator] Oliver
Shoes:[Razor /// ] Deth-Sneakers


Records and player:[Diavolo Creations] MELLOMANIA DECOR SET
Chair:[~Bazar~] Stockholm bedroom chair
Rug, table and incense:[Follow us]Music factory living room COPY version Box


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